Gait Analysis
Analysing the movement of the entire body is a must if you want to get to the core of the presenting complaint.
Dry Needling
Injury can often be contributed to by 'trigger points' in muscles.
Foot Mobilisation
This treatment usually involves strengthening of the muscles within the feet to encourage to use it's own resources.
Routine Treatment
Often hard skin (callus or corns) can create painful feet and need to be treated by a podiatrist.

Orthotic Treatment

Orthotic therapy is used to correct any abnormal movements within the foot. A full assessment is undertaken to determine whether an orthotic device will be of assistance.

Gait Re-training

Injury can often be related to the way your body is moving during activity. Often a simple adjustment in technique or treating muscle weakness can aid in injury management and prevention of future issues.

Shoe Advice

Correct shoe wear is essential and careful selection can decrease your risk of injury. It is advisable to seek advice from a podiatrist to make sure the footwear you are wearing is appropriate for your foot type and activity levels.

Nail Surgery

Ingrown toe nails can be extremely painful and often surgery is needed to remove an edge of the offending nail. A full assessment is required to ascertain whether the procedure is required and is performed in the podiatry rooms.

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  • Foot Mobilisation
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  • Orthotic Treatment
  • Shoe Advice
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